Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New footage means new videos!

So, I kinda took a hiatus from Minecraft because of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've been playing that a lot. I finally got some more Minecraft into my schedule, then found some time to piece it all together and I got two videos for the price of one. I tend to record too much, then try to put it all into one video and it turns out to be really long.
Now, I know that I look like a wuss for running away from the spider spawners, but I feel that since this is hardcore I need to do things smart and keep alive. If I can get armor and weapons that will help me survive, I'll focus on that first.
The thing that bugged me the most about this video was the issues I had with my trackball. Most people prefer mice, but I have always preferred using a trackball.
Video behind the cut!

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