Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It sure has been a while

Wow, I've been so busy making videos and stuff that I've kinda neglected this place. I haven't really written any new turtle scripts, so I don't have anything to publish on that front. But what I do have is a topic to talk about, and that topic is FTB Ultimate pack. There is talk of wanting to switch the server from Mindcrack to Ultimate, and I almost think we should. I'm not sure what will happen when/if we do though. If I can change the server over without having to restart the world, I might do it. If we have to start over though, there's no way.
Not every player on the server has weighed in, but I think most will be ok going along with whatever I decide. I know I'd love to get Mystcraft back, even though I barely touched it back in beta. I've looked at the mods we'd gain and lose and I'm not sure what to think. There's still no release date on Ultimate, but there's a beta version out people can try. I'd love to hear your opinions on it if you have any.

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