Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mining with Munchmo SP02

I'm in the process of posting a new Mining with Munchmo special. This one is about the stuff contained in the 1.9 pre-release. Some interesting facts about this video, I actually had to record it twice, because the first time, I didn't get any audio. Not sure how it happened, but the second time was the charm. Other things, I spent a LONG time trying to find a village the first time around. I also flew through the nether for what seemed like an eternity to find one of the structures in there. And, on my very first go through, the world I created with a random seed literally dropped me in the middle of the ocean, as in, no island. I was just there, sinking in the water. It was really odd.
You can download the "leaked" 1.9 pre-release here.
Video is after the jump

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