Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stupid Greifers

So, I had to roll my server back three times over the weekend due to people being stupid. First it was because my son pissed off one of his friends and he was blowing creepers up in the world. Then this guy destroyed my zombie farm, which I thought might have been accidental. Of course, later someone totally spent god knows how long ripping the place apart and destroying my base, so I kicked the two people who could have been responsible and rolled it back again.
Now you might think it's wrong of me to kick both guys out when it was most likely only one of them. I can't know for sure which one did it, but the fact that the guy I'm certain did it (was the guy who destroyed the zombie spawner in my exp farm) was vouched for by the other guy it could have been, made me decide to err on the side of caution and just kick them both out.
Of course, right now as I'm reading this, I realized I should have recorded some video of what they did. Luckily the rollback didn't take long (it's like 1 minute of copying files). And no one lost anything. So really I don't understand what the point was, the guy spend a long time doing this, the damage was extensive. But in the end, it meant nothing.

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