Monday, February 6, 2012

Uploading as I type this

A new video is uploading as I write this. Today's video is Mining with Munchmo and in it I go on the hunt for clay to prettify the minecart tunnel to the zombie spawner. Unfortunately, since then I've changed my ideas around a little bit, and I need a lot more clay. That will mean at least 2-3 more visits to the surface and that rail track up bothers me. So what am I gonna do about it? I'm going to install a new solution to get to and from the surface.
So, today I'm going to start recording the next video where I'll be putting in a zipper tower to the surface. I've also got some other plans for changes to my base including getting rid of that fishing hole and expand the storage room into that. I never use the fishing hole and don't see a reason to have it. I'm also planning on widening some of the walkways because that narrow one just bothers me.
I also need to venture into the nether to get more glowstone and blaze rods, because I want to expand my brewing chamber.

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