Thursday, April 5, 2012

A new style of post-production

So, with this next video, I'm trying something I've never done before, and the video is still rendering, so I really don't know how well it will turn out, but I would really like feedback about whether it was any good or if I should try something else.
I have seen other people do something similar, and it seemed to work pretty well in their videos, so I thought I've give it a try to spice up the less interesting portions of my hardcore series. I have to record the whole thing anyway because you never know when I could die, so I thought I needed to find a way to incorporate all the less than awesome footage into the episodes without boring my viewers.
Obviously this won't happen too often, but I figure I'll need to branch mine from time to time and I might decide to build something big (like a mob farm in the sky or something). If this works out well enough I will start using this style in future videos, and not just hardcore.

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