Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting Funland

So, 500 blocks in Minecraft is a lot bigger than I was thinking. I found a place where I think Funland will be, already working on the entrance. After beginning the project, just the entrance seems like such a big task, let alone all the other parts of the park. I'm really going to try to put a lot of thought into the things I do because this park will be what people who join my server see. I've decided to base some of my design choices around real amusement parks, using facades and "employee only" areas. Right now I don't have any sort of area border plugin installed, so it will only be for show, but I do intend on adding something. Do any of you have any thoughts on what I can use for this? The one public server I play on (Avidcrafter) uses Worldguard, so if any of you have experience with that and want to tell me if that will do what I want, please let me know. I've also got to decide if I want to keep weather turned on in this world. Right now, most of the park will be in the desert, so weather won't matter, but I'm pretty sure there will parts of the park that are in other biomes, which will mean rain and/or snow. I do have a good area in the desert minimum 250x250 I can use for the park, and there's still a good amount of desert that is unexplored, so there will be a lot of room to grow. Anyway, please leave any feedback you have for this project, because I'm sure there's a lot of ideas I'm missing.

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