Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alas, the end is here!

So, Marooned in Minecraft episode 10. Yeah, that was a bad idea. I spent sooo long working on that spider farm, and almost had it working the way I wanted. Then I just had to go and venture into the nether. I really could have done it all bit smarter, but at least now I've learned stuff for my next hardcore adventure. I really did enjoy playing in this world and am sad to see it go, but am looking forward to starting a new one.
I've learned a few things with that spider farm too. I got really frustrated with how the spiders wouldn't stack up for me, until the very end. Watching Etho's videos, his never seemed to have a problem, but mine kept backing up in the feeding tube, which is why I changed the way it worked. I think there's something about using glass where they gather too, which helps them stack on top of each other.
I figure some of you might be interested in downloading the world I was playing in, I backed up a copy of it before every play session, so below you'll find a link to the world as it was before this video.
Download world

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