Saturday, January 28, 2012

New video is new!

So I got back into my Bukkit world cause I lost in hardcore, and boy did I have some fun! This video actually had to be cut in two parts (don't they always seem to be that way?). This first part covers me changing around my melon farm. The original concept for it didn't work, because I missed a couple key parts. I got the idea originally from DocM, but I can't find the video I got it from. Please feel free to drop a comment with a link in it if you find it.
After that was done, I was ready to create my enchanting room, which I failed at, since I didn't have any diamonds! So, instead I set out to branch mine, and it took HOURS to finally find some diamonds. I have to say I did enjoy the branch mining, it was very relaxing and I'm actually looking forward to going back down there.
Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of my search for diamonds!
Video after the cut.

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