Monday, January 9, 2012

A new year brings a new video

Sure, this one might be later than you'd like, but I got it done! So what do you get to see? Well, I rebuild my wheat farm because it was just too ungainly, so now it's a bit more automated. I wanted to try something more challenging, so I built one that only used a single water source block. That is, one source block that is used for both the water that keeps the dirt farmable, and is also used to harvest the wheat. It took me a while to design the structure to work, but in the end, I'm happy with the results.
I also moved my chickens, they're now in a new kind of pen which makes it easier for gathering the eggs. This will also mean I'll be eating more chicken too, since it'll be a lot easier to make chickens.
My sugarcane farm is also a bit more organized, only using one water block for every 4 plants, although I think I might have enough to finish all my bookshelves. I'll have to get to making those soon too.
I also planted some melons, realized I didn't need pumpkins as much as I wanted melons, so the pumpkin patch is gone for now.
Video behind the cut.

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