Friday, March 2, 2012

1.2? 1.2.2? 1.2.3!

So the newest version of Minecraft has been released! First thing I did was install the Minecraft Profile Manager. This tool is a great way to keep multiple versions of Minecraft installed and running. I used to use many different users on my computer, one for each of the versions of Minecraft I was running. But now I can just have a single icon I click and choose whether I want to play my modded version of 1.0, or 1.1 for my Bukkit server, or 1.2.3 for my vanilla server.
And just like I said I would, I started my new Hardcore season. Boy, if the season keeps going the way it has, it will be a short one. I think I'm going to record my hardcore more than once per week, maybe fill in the gaps between the other shows, so 2 or 3 episodes every week. If this season does end soon, I plan on starting up another one right away, but I think the newest patch to 1.2 is going to really help me survive a bit longer.
I'm nearly done with the spider farm, it has been a huge project and I'm glad it's finally almost over.

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