Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here comes another one!

So it's been nearly two weeks since I've started my push to get out a new video everyday. So far so good, I don't have any backlogged video now, but I should be able to get something special put together tonight for tomorrow. I've been invited to a server by one of my viewers, so I think I'll check it out tonight and record my experience. I've only ever played on my own local server, so I don't have a lot of experience with SMP outside of that. I might not notice a difference or I might have some serious lag issues, we'll see.
I'm not sure exactly what I'll do, probably look around at whatever I can find and head off into the sunset to settle down. From what I understand it's a Bukkit server running essentials (similar to mine) and some anti-griefing plugins. Obviously, I don't intend on griefing, I've had it happen to me, and even though it only took me a very short while to fix, it was still aggravating.

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