Thursday, March 15, 2012

IRL Stuff

My brother mentioned a new science fiction convention that's starting this year in Atlanta. Unfortunately, it starts tomorrow, so I won't be attending. But it did put an idea in my head of promoting my Youtube channel IRL at regional cons.
I go to Dragoncon every year (What? You've never heard of it?) and I used to go to a lot more, but haven't lately. Once I've moved and get my budget set I'm going to put aside more money to go to other conventions in the area.
And with that came my idea for a way to promote my Let's Plays. A business card with a creeper's face on one side with the text "It's dangerous to go alone!" and on the other a picture of a diamond sword and the text "Take one of these!" with my Youtube channel address on it.
Of course, it'll be a while before I need anything like that, but it's still an idea for shameless self-promotion.


  1. Mudhead has been trying to talk me and Marty into going Dragoncon when it comes up again. If we go we have to have a Warfare meet.

    1. Hell yeah! I'm there every year, and for me it's free since I work staff.