Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Vloggy Goodness!

So here we are, another week going by and more new stuff coming! I have so much to share with you. Right now I have 4(!) vlog videos just waiting to air. And not only that, but I've still got many more I have to put together.
One hits tomorrow, it's something special, possibly a one-time thing, but I'm kinda proud of it. It could become something more depending on how well it is received. If there's enough interest I might even make my first weekly series, who knows?
I've also got another video in the Inheritance series up and waiting to be released. This one will be a little different than the others. Plus I've got at least enough footage that I have to put together for another video about some of the cool things I've found in the house. There's still so much more work to do too!
I've got two (!) videos up and waiting for release now from my vacation to Nova Scotia not long ago. The ContentID hold on the one has finally been released so I think next Friday those two will be going live.
Then there's the videos I've still not put together, like the Atlanta Maker Faire video, and The Costumes of Dragoncon 2014. Not sure why these aren't happening yet, but I'll make time for them soon enough.
Plus, of course, I have many more ideas for videos and such, like my Maker series! I like tinkering, and I want to tinker with you!
But that's all the update I have now, so thanks for joining me today.

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