Thursday, November 20, 2014

So I'm being laid off

Yesterday I was given my 30 day notice at work that they're laying me off. My entire department is being relocated to another state and everyone I work with is out of a job right before Christmas. There is no relocation option for us, there is no being transferred to another department. If we wanted to stay with the company, we'd have to apply for jobs just like every other person out there. Sure we might get special consideration and be fast-tracked through the application process, but there was no guarantee.
Now me, I'm not too worried, I've always been one to just go with the flow. I have faith that things will work out ok, at least for the near future. I'll be "working" until December 19th. After that I get 10 weeks of severance pay. Beyond that, I've got money available from my father's estate. It's not the ideal situation, but with cost cutting and creative money management, I'll be ok for a while.
I do plan on looking for another job, but I gotta stick with it here till the end to make sure I get that severance money. Of course, while I'm getting severance pay, I won't be able to collect unemployment. It makes sense, I'm still getting income. At the same time, I'll be unemployed.
I've got a friend who says his company is hiring. It sounds like a pretty decent gig, but it pays less than I'm making now.  I think I could live on a smaller budget, especially once I get my last credit card paid off. It would be a significant drop in pay. Of course, I can't be sure that I'd even get that job.
So what's my plan? For now, I'm just gonna ride this out, till Thanksgiving. After that, I'll shoot my resume off to my friend, post it up around the job sites, network, etc. Then I'll hope for the best. I'll start applying to other jobs as well, but really, what company is going to hire someone right before Christmas?
Once my 30 days (29 as of me writing this!) is up and I'm not working, I'll be focusing on YouTube again, increase my daily gaming videos. I may also start a daily vlog talking about my job search and such.  Outside of that, there's a lot of resources out there that can help me earn some small amounts of cash. I could setup something on Fiverr, maybe start turking, and could always pick up some temp work on Craigslist.
Course, what I'd love to have happen is finding my way in the YouTube world. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to earn a living from making content people love to watch. I have ideas and plans on what I can do to improve. I have new series I want to start, as well as some old stuff I'd like to pick back up. There's a lot of games I have yet to play that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for me to have time to play them.
And now comes the time when beg and plead for your help. Nah, I'm not gonna do that. I'll make it. If I have to I'll work two or even three jobs. I'm not going down without a fight! But, with saying that, I'm not one to turn down a helping hand. So, let me just drop you this link. . . . Munchmo on Patreon

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