Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meandering E03

The third video in this series is up. Unfortunately, it turns out I somehow played for over an hour during the livestream without actually recording any video locally. To cover what you might have missed between Episode 2 and 3, read on. During that time, I had a couple people join the livestream, who eventually joined me on the server, Kschwizzle and Pawbuttox. I found a nice little village with some interesting things nearby! If you want, you can see the entirety of the broadcast on my channel. You might notice a distinct difference between the first and second segments of my video here. Remember that I was playing for about 3 hours straight, so my excitement and energy were kinda wearing down. After the cut you can see what's happened with the world. My son and his cousin decided they wanted to play creative, so they built a whole bunch of stuff around the spawn.

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