Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My plans for Minecraft 1.0

So, I've got my vanilla server setup and ready to go when I get the Minecraft 1.0 server Jar. And I've already got my plan in place. Once I get the server started, I'll be recording myself with fraps to put together a new Let's Play for my youtube channel and livestreaming on my channel.
I've also decided on a few things I'm going to do differently in this series than what I've done before. For one, I'm going to explore. I want to see as much of this new world as I can, which means no settling down and cool creations for this series. So, what I plan on doing is only taking things with me that I need, and leaving all the junk behind. Nomad style, with one exception, anything I place I can't pick back up. Gotta make a workbench every time I need one in a new place. Gotta gather more wood all the time for new beds and chests (if there's anything I feel I want to keep, but not on my person at the time). Need a furnace and no villages around? Gonna have to craft a new one. You get the idea. Other normal blocks I can always break and move or whatever, but I'm gonna live off the land and explore as much as I can.

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