Friday, October 7, 2011

Industrialcraft Take 2!

So, yesterday I installed Buildcraft with my Industrialcraft installation and started my world over again. I never really got too far in the world when I first started, so it wasn't a big loss. I decided since the world I got randomly seemed so good I'd just use the same seed again recreating the world with Buildcraft in there. The world is awesome! I got really lucky with the random seed, so I'm gonna cover the basics again. It spawns you on the edge of a swamp, so there's tons of trees around, and there's even a grove of rubber trees there with you. The swamp is on the edge of a desert, so there's sand galore for all the pipes you are gonna make. And also, in that desert there's a village! Tons of crops ready for harvest on day 1. There's even two oil geysers on either side of the village. But the best part, right next to the spawn, there's a little hole in the ground, that leads down, and down, and down! The thing connects to a ravine, and in that ravine, there's abandoned mineshafts! I came across a dungeon in there too, and I found 4 diamonds! I'm halfway to the number of diamonds I need to build a quarry!
So far I've gotten most of the Industrialcraft level 1 machines setup, and I got a couple miners setup for buildcraft. Had a pump working on one of the geysers, and sucked it dry. The main problem I have had so far is these machines (at least the buildcraft ones) all disappear when I try to move them. I think I might be using the wrong tools to break them though, I'll have to play with it to see.
Links and other information after the break.

My World Seed: 8601965514509149852

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